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Some prefer an el-cheapo poncho rainsuit while others swear by the super-duper-high-tech waterproof / breathable fishingrainsuit, all of which makeanimportant point: Selecting the right fishing rain suit has as much to do with personal needs and fishing habitats as it does Fishing RainSuitswith the quality of the rainsuit. In other words, buying more fishing rainsuit than you need makes no more sense than buying less of a fishing rainsuit thanyou may need.

Just ask yourself a couple of questions... What range of conditions do you normally encounter when fishing? Are you a fair weather fisherman only fishing the nicest of days? Or are you the die hard fishing maniac willing to encounter snow, winds, and monsoons in your pursuit? Also consider your physiology. Do you perspire easily? Are you cold blooded? These factors are important when deciding if you need warmth or a lightweight material. This may also determine if you need cooling vents such as arm pit zipppers, venting pockets, and a two-way front zipper.

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It's a new year and the fishing rainsuit manufacturers are introducing new products and gear at an incredible pace. The ulimate fishing rainsuit resource helps bring new fishing products to fishermen.

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Calcutta Commercial Rain Wear
Calcutta Commercial Rain Wear
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Cabin Creek Vinyl Poncho
Dri Ducks Lightweight Rainsuit
Dri Ducks Lightweight Fishing Rainsuit
Helly Hansen Commercial Rain Jacket
Helly Hansen Commercial Rain Jacket
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Strearns DriFlex Nylon Camoflouge Rainsuit
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